New Years- Resolved

This is the time of year when everyone makes plans to be a better person, which they forget about around Feb.

This is the time of year when diet talk is even worse than usual, and it is usually excruciating. 

Our culture is so hateful about bodies. I am to the point where I am no longer surprised when someone confessed that they have struggled with an eating disorder.  I am surprised when someone doesn't have disordered eating.

I have struggled with ED.  Lots of people do.  

The typical picture we have of an eating disorder is of a teenager white girl who is very thin.  When in reality, anyone can have ED.  

Men.  Fat people. Old people. People of color.  It can be anyone.  You can't tell by looking.

Diet talk is really hard to listen to for people with eating disorders.  So maybe this year, don't participate.  Don't perpetuate the harm.  

Because even if you think it's not such a big deal to be on a diet (I don't agree, but I support your right to do whatever you want to with your own body)-- for some people, dieting is a way that they hurt themselves.  And listening to other people talk (fucking incessantly) about dieting can be triggering.

I don't like it.  And if you do it, I wish you would stop.

Plus, it's boring as shit.  Come on.  I know you're more interesting than that.