“An adorable dork”

“A national treasure.”

“you look like a fucking macaw”

— YouTube comments

Check out the reviews for “They don’t make plus size spacesuits” on Goodreads

—“A beautiful, heart-rending piece of work.”

—“The aching horror of the metaphors for weight based medical and emotional abuse was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever read.”

Reviews and interviews!

Review from Book Fidelity

—“I find that the best writing is the kind where you can find something of yourself in the work. That feeling like...someone has actually seen you. And I think that is so important in a work that talks about how it feels to be fat.”

Review from Jessica Belmont

—“I recommend checking this one out. It’s definitely worth a read.”

Review from JBronder Book Reviews

—“I really liked this small collection and think most people could relate to the stories not so much just because they focus on weight but because this applies to everyone that doesn’t fit into that perfect utopia.”

An author interview with me from CelticLady’s Reviews

Review from The Weary Bookcase

—“Ali Thompson has a really compelling voice.”

Review from Ceillie Simkiss

—“If you want to take a real hard look at your thoughts about the future, you should read this short story collection. It won’t take long for it to stick in your soul.”

A radio interview with me from Harry Minot of WPKN

The Philadelphia Inquirer called my collage art “amusing reinventions of 1950s and 1960s ads on canvas”