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(Cover art by Jen Lightfoot-

“They don’t make plus size spacesuits” is a furious cry from the heart, a radical turn away from utopian day dreaming of future body perfection to center a fat perspective instead.

Ali invites people to experience a fictional version of a few of the many ways that fatphobia can manifest in a life. The ways that the people closest to fat people can subject them to tiny betrayals on a near constant basis. The disdain that piles up over the years, until it all becomes too large to bear.

And while some of the fatphobic tech in these stories may seem outrageous and downright unbelievable, it is all based on extrapolations of so-called “advances” by the diet industry, as they search for ever more efficient ways to starve people. 

The modern day worship of Health promises a future peopled only by the thin, a world where the War on Fatness is won and only visually acceptable bodies remain.

What will that future mean for the fat people who will inevitably still continue to exist?

Nothing good.

“They don’t make plus size spacesuits” will be released on June 28, 2019.

Now available for pre-order at the following retailers—

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