The Corpse Cannon

I was trying to think of a short and amusing (to me) name for that thing that people do when they want to argue with fat activists And so they fling the pain and death of their fat friends and relatives at us.

"Oh yeah? You think it's OK to be fat and that fat people shouldn't be scolded and harangued and punished every day of their lives?? Well, my gramma was fat. AND SHE D I E D. CHECKMATE"

(ok, whatever, guy. *eye roll*)

I have stared too long into the abyss that is the simple fact that most people simply do not seem like they love their fat loved ones as much as they do their thin ones And that shit is fucking depressing and it's also TRUE.

I have decided to call this rhetorical weirdness The Corpse Cannon I don't know why anyone thinks I would take this "tactic" seriously, except for feeling bad for your relatives b/c you're clearly shitty.

So I am refusing to take this seriously at all.

The Corpse Cannon is why I try to make the stories of when I have been treated badly b/c of my size Have a clear villain b/c otherwise thin people just stuff fat pain into the Corpse Cannon and use it to target another fat, and I am legit sick of y'all getting off on our pain.

Feel free to steal it and use as necessary.