Fat shaming

So some jackass decided to start a fat shaming week hashtag on Twitter.   Not to point out instances of fat shaming and microaggressions in my fat shamed entire life, but to make the fat shaming worse. 

Because they want more (their definition of) attractive women to try their douchey pick up artist bullshit on.  Restricting calories is used by torturers to break people's will, so it's not surprising that these creepers would want women to be dieting all the time so their rapey bullshit "techniques" can work.

Do I believe there is some PUA conspiracy of douchebaggery?  Not really.  Honestly, these guys are deeply stupid.  Are they oppressive, sad little jackasses who are incapable of relating to women on a human level?  Yes. Or course.

 It's mostly guys engaging in this shit, but there were some women too.  Patriarchy is a bitch, you guys.  Not only are these guys convinced that women only exist to serve their sexual desires, but there are so many women out there who buy into that too.

And these women self-identify as feminists!!!  OMG, double-facepalm. 

Ok, listen.  If you are engaging in body hatred or body policing of other women (or men), you are DOING IT WRONG.  You are NOT a feminist.  Not to mention, if you refuse to engage with racial issues or trans and LBG issues, you are FUCKING UP.  If your feminism isn't inclusive, you suck.

You're wrong, and you need to get on the google and fix your feminism.  

Back to the point at hand.  People being total cock-asses about fat women. I don't usually engage with trolls, because it's pretty pointless.  But.  I have invented a new way of trolling.  Trolling the trolls, if you will. 

Is anyone surprised that most of these dickbags seem to have anonymous photos? Yeah, me neither.

Is anyone surprised that most of these dickbags seem to have anonymous photos? Yeah, me neither.

I have been jumping on and off of this hashtag ever since it popped up.  Because the whole stated point of this thing is to pile on to make fat people feel ashamed.  And my answer to that is no.  

No, I won't be ashamed of myself.  I refuse.

I'm still here.  You can't make me go away.  I don't care if you think I'm disgusting. 

My initial tweet

My initial tweet

As I'm jumping into the fray to make the completely radical statement that I'm fat and I don't hate myself, I am getting replies from idiots who are saying a lot of hateful boring shit to me-- go to the gym, fatass. No one would ever want to fuck me.  I should go kill myself.  Blah blah blah. 

You men's rights fat hating mutherfuckers are SO boring.  And common and unoriginal. 

What is the essence of trolling?  Deliberate and repeated misunderstanding.  I've seen so many thoughtful conversations get completely derailed by some douche who tackles the conversation with screams of WHAT ABOUT MY COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT THING I WON'T STOP SAYING THAT MISSES THE POINT COMPLETELY??? 

So I decided I'd amuse myself by deliberately misunderstanding every hateful tweet as an invitation for sex.  I dunno, I haven't read their dumb books, but it seems like they think insulting women makes them want to fuck them, so maybe these guys really wanted to get busy.

(My Twitter pic is of me at 8, rocking my 80s perm like a fucking boss. )

(My Twitter pic is of me at 8, rocking my 80s perm like a fucking boss. )

I mean, of course this shit started on a men's rights webpage.  It's misogyny all the way down.  It's pretty rare to see the bogus concern for my health scraped away to see the actual truth of the thing.  

Fat women don't give these guys boners.  And their boners are the ONLY thing that matters.  Women are not people to these guys.   

Clearly.  This guy is talking about murdering me and mutilating my dead body, which I guess is his version of a joke. 

Who cares about a dead chick if she's FAT, AMIRITE? I wouldn't have wanted to fuck her anyway!  LOLOLOLOL. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.06.06 PM.png

And eventually they stop responding to me.  Some of them respond to my polite refusals really angrily.  How dare I imply they wanted to have sex with someone as disgusting as they perceive me to be! 

There is probably a larger lesson in all this.  It's pretty funny that once you take the word "fat" out of the picture, there isn't much these assholes have left to say.  

I'm fat.  So what?  I'm a bitch too. Now you're out of things to call me.  And I don't give two shits if you think I'm hot or not.