This charming cat

Man, this last few months has been really hard.  I said a little about it in a prior post.

But I wanted to talk about things that have been making me happy lately.  Cause I'm tired of being a mopey fuck.

First of all, I've been listening to the Best of the Smiths on repeat pretty constantly.  I listened to the Cure when I was younger, but never the Smiths.  There seemed to be this divide there, like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  Which is silly, of course, like most of my not very well thought out positions on music from when I was younger.   

Of course, NOW my positions on music are unassailable.   (Future me, stop laughing at this!)  

What has actually happened is that I have so much real shit going on in my life that I don't need to make up reasons to fight with people.  If you don't like some music I like, that is fine with me.  Let's both agree to not give a shit. 

Anyway. Back to the Smiths.  I have been feeling a bit mopey lately.  And I have found the Smiths delightful to listen to while sort of moping my way around life.  This is because I find Morrssey's delivery to be an exact shade of miserable and delightfully catty/witty at the same time.  I think if I had found the Smiths at a younger age, I would have just taken the whole thing seriously.  Now at 35, it feels like he is clearly joking.  Taking the piss, as it were.  (British people, did I do that right?)

"I was looking for a job and then I found a job. And heaven knows I'm miserable now." 

I can't stop giggling at that. 

I always skip William, It Was Really Nothing, because I don't appreciate the fat girl smack talk, and I don't want it interfering with my otherwise delightful good time. 

Girlfriend in a Coma.  I'm listening to it right now.  Amazing.  (Heehee.)  

Look at that face.  SO HANDSOME.

Look at that face.  SO HANDSOME.

This is Hodge.   I saved him!  Actually, Josh and I saved him together.

I was walking home one day, and he was wandering around on a semi-busy street.  I called to him to try to get him out of the street (there were cars coming), and he came right to me.  

I guess at that point, he decided I was his person, because he followed me home, purring and rubbing against my legs the whole way. 

He was so clearly not a regular feral stray that I couldn't just leave him outside.  I just couldn't have.  Josh agreed.  We tried to see if anyone was missing him, but I didn't think they were.  You could see all his sad kitty bones.

We took him to the vet and got him fixed up.  By fixed up, I mean he lived by himself in a bathroom for over a month while we were getting him dewormed and then fixed.  

So when I look at Hodge, running around, happy and silly with his kitten brain-- it makes me really happy.  I think-- I saved you.  This few months may have been shitty, but I saved you, so it wasn't all bad stuff.  He's a happy, floppy baby who is chewing on everything.  He lets me pick him up and cuddle him.

And now we have four cats, which is pretty ridiculous. 

Another thing that makes me happy is Scandal.  You need to be watching Scandal.  Right now!  It is amazing.  I don't know anyone who is watching Scandal, except for a few people at work, and I NEED YOU TO WATCH SCANDAL.  So we can talk about it. 

It is delightful.  The amount of plot points a normal show would take half a season to go through is about half of one episode of Scandal.  

And Olivia Pope's clothes.  I can't even, you guys.  Her clothes are the reason amazeballs is a word.  (Shut up, spellcheck, it is too a word.) 

I can't decide if I like the Fitz and Olivia romance, but I do want to keep watching it. 

 Also, I am happy to see a black woman as a lead on a show, and married gay characters.  I want more diversity on TV!  More more more!  All body types, all races, all sexual orientations and gender presentations!  I want everyone to be able to see themselves.

Shondra Rimes (the creator) is KILLING IT.   Come on, rest of TV.  Up your game.