Dick joke art

The weird meat ads I keep finding are so bizarre. 

Josh suggested that I might not want to make this piece when I was describing it to him.  And I can see his point.  Will people take me seriously as an artist when they see me making dick jokes?

I decided not to care.  This makes me laugh.  Part of my brain is essentially a ten year old and I can't help laughing at wieners.  Just the word is hilarious.

Title- And a secret decoder ring

Title- And a secret decoder ring

But I also thought about it for awhile, and I decided that it was ok, since I think there's a larger point to be made about advertising and our current capitalist culture.

Which is basically that we've decided that things are only worth what people are willing to pay for them, and the only legitimate consumers are men.  So therefore all marketing is to and about boners.  Even marketing to women is about how we can better attract and serve the almighty boner. 

So therefore Wieners Everywhere is a pretty basic statement of what ALL advertising is about.  Which is why this the title is "And a secret decoder ring".  Because the message about penises is the not very well kept secret behind all of advertising.  

And all that seems to matter in our mainstream culture is what can be sold and advertised.  

(The part about the sack of raisin sauce is just because it makes me laugh.)