The news has been bumming me out

This week, 3 women were rescued from a decade of rape and torture in Cleveland.

I am obsessed with this case, and I can't stop clicking every link on the entire internet that is even somewhat related to it.

The news seems relentlessly rapey lately.  I am irritated by how news people (usually male people) profess their utter shock shock SHOCK every time something fucked up like this happens AGAIN.  AGAIN.


Maybe irritated isn't the right world.  Rageful? Filled with neck punches that need delivering?  The world's largest bird that needs to be flipped?

This shit is COMMON, you guys.  Not usually the chaining in the basement.  Usually these women would have ended up murdered.  But the raping?  Yeah.  The raping is COMMON.  

It is hideous how common it is.

Here is a fact for you-- I am a rape survivor.  You probably know lots of rape survivors.  They may not have brought it up because It's not the easiest thing to crowbar into a conversation.

"Hey, by the way, I was totally raped and then there was this other thing that felt pretty rapey but I wasn't sure what to call it and I couldn't bear the idea I had been raped AGAIN, so I just chalked it up to bad sex and marched forward with my life..."

That shit ruins parties.   It is the real life equivalent of the record needle screech that brings everything to a halt.  I never know when to bring it up, or if it's ever appropriate to bring it up.  

And I kind of want to!  Because I want people to know that they know someone who was raped!  It's important to remove the stigma.  

I think it will give people that pity look, and I don't want pity.  I'm not some sad broken flower.  I am a bad ass, white trash, princess of POWER.

I had a bit more to say about rape culture and such, but I am going to end on the part where I declare myself to be a low class version of She-Ra.  

And just remind everyone that you know someone who has been raped.  It happens ALL the fucking time, and that is bullshit.  We live in a bullshit country that hates women and then I have to watch news fuckers wonder out loud how something like this could happen.

Give me a fucking break.