A list for this week

--The weather has been so beautiful.  It's so nice to wander around in the nice weather and take photos.

--I watched The Hunger Games movie again (b/c I was home sick) and I liked it better this time.  The thing that really bothered me about it before was how much the camera swings around crazily during the action.  We were sitting pretty close to the screen and it made me feel a bit nauseated.  On a smaller screen, not so bad. 

--Speaking of movies, I saw the Gatsby trailer, and I want to see it now.  I love the esthetics of the Art Deco period.  And Baz Lurhmann is a crazy person, so I want to see that.  I was also unsure about the next Superman movie until I saw the last trailer, but now I am fully on board with that.  

--It's my friend Melody's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEL!

--I found a recipe for vegan sausage gravy and biscuits that is AMAZING.  No, really.  We kept tasting the gravy and exclaiming over how good it was.  Here is a secret-- if you cook tempeh and mushrooms in coconut oil and add tamari and enriched yeast flakes, you don't miss meat.  You don't.  Seriously.  It's better than meat.  Country fried tofu is better than country fried steak.  I know you don't believe me but it's TRUE.  Just press the water out of the tofu first before you fry it.

--When our cat, Tifa, sits in the window sill with her head under the curtain so she can watch birds, we pretend that she is a superhero named Window Cat.  The birds are out, so Window Cat is back.

--The nicest and fanciest canvas was on sale at Blick's this week!  70% off!  I restocked my studio with blank canvas.  Hooray!  (Being an artist is expensive. Always stock up when there are sales.)  

Beautiful spring mornings.  

Beautiful spring mornings.