The daughter of nothing in particular.

I take the Market/Frankford El train to work every day.

I got on one morning, and a teenage boy shoved me as soon as I stepped into the car, hard enough that I stumbled.

Then he said to me--

"Eat a donut, bitch."  

He said it loud.  There were two other boys with him, and they all laughed.  Like it was the funniest thing they ever heard.

When you participate in demeaning fat people, this is the culture you are contributing to.  

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When you judge people's bodies, when you concern troll people about their health, when you say that fat people are somehow costing you money-- this is what happens.

(You always know a fat person has taken money from you when your wallet is smeared with jelly.  I HAVE A JAR OF JELLY, RIGHT HERE!  Your wallets aren't safe!)

And when you hate yourself and your own body, or you tell a slender woman that you hate her and she should eat a sandwich-- you are contributing to a toxic culture that teaches us to hate ourselves.  All of us.

It also makes asshole boys and men think that if a woman doesn't give them a boner, that she is a worthless bitch.  

This is rape culture.  This is why women are starving themselves to death.  It is disgusting and wrong.  

Let's try to fight this bullshit.  

Let's be kind to each other.