I am going to sit here for a minute and try to think of something cool and interesting to say.  But right now, I am just pissed off that someone keeps dumping fucking trash in the sidewalk and street on my block. 

It's fucking gross, and it's a goddamn MOUNTAIN now. 

Jesus Christ, we'll be lucky if the sanitation guys take ANY of our trash after this.  And it keeps fucking happening. 

Life in the city.   

When that Don Lemon guy said that one of the big problems with the black community is littering-- well, first of all let me stop for and moment and say you have to be shitting me.  Dude.  Really.

And he said he had never seen anyone littering in a white neighborhood.  So I would like to invite him to come to Philly.  Where we have progressed far far beyond littering.  We are through the littering looking glass here to a garbage utopia. 

Just two days ago, a truck on my street threw 3 soda bottles out the window (at the same time -- coordination!) and just barely missed hitting me square in the face as I was walking on the sidewalk.

I have seen a hoagie on the sidewalk with only 2 or 3 bites taken out of it, maybe 3 steps from a garbage can.  I have seen this multiple times .  In Center City, which is our downtown and is supposed to be the nicer part of the city.

Every time it happens, I am astonished.  It's usually right outside a place selling hoagies. I imagine someone taking a couple of bites and then being like-- Fuck this fucking hoagie!!  RAAAAH!  And then they slam it down on the ground and walk off in a Hulk rage.

The hoagie did not meet their expectations!  TAKE THAT, SIDEWALK! 

I am on hoagie watch.  I will tell Josh-- I saw another hoagie rage-slammed onto the sidewalk!  It's weirdly exciting.  

There's also chicken bones everywhere, especially on the trains. 

I go to other cities and I can stop saying (in a voice of total wonderment), but it's so clean .  The people who live here must be wizards.

When I hear New Yorkers reminiscing about when NYC was rougher, I always want to invite them to visit Philly.  Would you like to walk down the street drinking a beer and throwing garbage everywhere?  Maybe punch a lady in front of a cop and then stroll away?   

The cops here can punch a lady in the face and get away with it.   They might not mind if you do too.  They don't seem to stop and help anyone else that I've seen.

Philadelphia.  I love you.  I really do.  I don't want to live anywhere else.  But man.

The city is also hugely raising property taxes on everyone and dropping them on the fucking casinos.  They are talking about putting another one within walking distance of my fucking house. 


I guess this all boils down to-- I want someone from the city to give the mountain of garbage assholes some kind of ticket or something.  It's gross, and it puts me in a pissy mood. 

I should also say that when I start in on the city and get all complain-y, Josh reminds me that this is a working class city (for the most part) and has had incredible struggles with poverty.  When manufacturing left America, Philly was hit hard.  It keeps being hit hard.  I guess someone should tell Don Lemon that white people litter too.  It's just that when there's no money to keep the streets looking clean, everything starts to kind of go to shit.