Happy spooky Friday!

It's Friday the 13th, which is my favorite.  I'm listening to the Cure right now to celebrate, even though I just bought a Janelle Monae album.  

How did I not know about Janelle Monae before very recently?  Is it because I'm just listening to the Cure and Muse over and over and not paying much attention to anything else? 

I will start The ArchAndroid back up once I get done blogging this morning.   I know she has a newer album out, but I wanted Tightrope.  Have you seen the video for this song?  HAVE YOU???

Ma'am, I find you amazing and talented and insanely attractive in your suit.

Also, I like your lyrics about being a weirdo.  Because I am one too. 

I like to listen to Disintegration  while I'm working, writing especially.  I find it lovely and soothing.  I remember first hearing the Cure from my kick-ass cousin, Elizabeth, who was a goth back when I was a kid.  I remember thinking that she was the coolest person in the world, and I wanted to be just like her.

Elizabeth, this Spooky Friday is dedicated to you!


Ok, so let's talk about Muse for a minute.  I've embedded the Knights of Cydonia video because it's fucking amazing and if you haven't seen it, you should.  DO IT NOW. 

This video is a pretty good intro to Muse.  They are completely cuckoo, pouring lunacy into your brain through your earholes, and I LOVE it.  

I feel like Muse sat down as a band and decided-- hey you know how some bands are really delicate and subtle with their lyrics and what they mean?  Let's do the opposite of that.  I love how subtle they aren't. 

I just went to see Muse with Mikkie , and when they played Animal, a song that is clearly about banksters and evil corporations, see the below lyrics--

 "Amortize. Downsize. Lay off.  Kill yourself. Come on and do us all a favor."

They are showing video of a bankster man manically doing work, running around and the appearing to die or go completely berserko nuts on a sidewalk.

I fucking love it. 


They are also the only band I know with a song about climate change that it half symphony and half dubstep.  Mikkie described them as half dubstep and half Neverending Story

When I hear this song, I always think about how if I had my mom listen to dubstep, she would probably punch me in the face, purely as a reflex from how much she would hate it.


Their last album was called The Resistance and this song has the lyrics--

"These wars can't be won. Does anyone know or care how they begun?"

Just listen to this.  It's amazingly weird and kooky and fucking awesome. 

Also, they have fucking LASERS in their concerts.  Yeah!  That shit is badass. 

Oh, and just one more thing.  I'll keep this short since I already screamed about it on Facebook-- 

If you're at a concert, put your fucking phone down. Don't be an asshole and make me wish that you get maimed and your phone breaks, ok?  WATCH THE SHOW.  You'll enjoy it more.  I promise.