Eating disorders and fatphobia.

I have all the empathy for people with eating disorders. Eating disorders (ED) are incredibly serious. They are the most deadly form of mental illness.  

We have to make sure that people with eating disorders have access to the help they need to recover. We have to destigmatize ED. 

But while I am incredibly sympathetic to the suffering of people with eating disorders- I will not tolerate being used as a punching bag. It is NOT ok for people with ED to lash out and attack fat people and then try to excuse their attacks by saying they have ED.

I do not consent to be the punching bag or negative motivation (thinspo) of people with ED. I do not consent for you to take my photos and add derogatory captions to remind yourself not to eat so you don't look like me.

Fat people get eating disorders too. And your ED is not a pass to treat fat people like garbage.

It says to me that you are not in any kind of real recovery if you still loathe fat people and find them repulsive. Get into recovery and treat it seriously.

If you can get over your fear of being fat- then you will have conquered your ED.

Being the walking embodiment of your terror is kind of a drag for me.