Rape Culture

It is sickening to look at the news and see stories about rape everywhere. Not just stories about rape, but the gleeful pushback of a patriarchal culture that calls all rape victims liars.

When I see how rape victims who try to tell their stories are treated, I think to myself- not reporting your rapes was the right call.

Because who wants to be abused publicly and repeatedly after already being raped.

Rapists don't go to jail. They just don't. Nothing happens to them. The victims who dare to speak out- they are the ones who get punished.

Don't be fooled. This is not a 'failed system'. This system does exactly what it is meant to do- protect rapists.  Protect the men who rape. 

It's rape culture. We live in rape culture. Our culture is dedicated to perpetrating rape. 

I'd like to go even further and say that the amount of sexual violence against women, the reaction of our culture, and our laws to protect the rapists equals terrorism.

Rape and the threat of rape is a gendered attack on women. Rape happens to men too and women can rape, but the threat of rape is the gun that Patriarchy holds to the head of all women.

Because even if a woman hasn't been assaulted, there is no way to escape the constant message that she could be. At any time, she could be raped.

Because rape is the biggest hammer that Male Supremacy uses to keep us in line.

It is mental terrorism. The boys who send rape threats to women online- because they may be young, but they already know what you say to a woman to scare her.

If our culture wanted to really do something about rape, we could. But we don't. Because there are supposed to be huge numbers of rape victims. That is the point.

The system works. The system to terrorize women and let rapists walk free- it works beautifully. 

The only time our culture cares about rape is when it can be racist about it. The only rapes that 'count' for our system is the stranger rape of a white woman by a black man.  Then, I assure you, they will find a black man to throw in jail forever. Is he the actual rapist- who gives a shit??? Not us.

But get raped by one of our upstanding young white men? You must be a liar and a slut. If you're a non-white woman or a trans woman or a man- no one will help you. 

These are not isolated cases. They are never isolated cases. 

The system protects the young white men. And the rest of us? Do not matter.