Why body positive isn't enough

People will often ask- why does fat acceptance need to be a separate movement when there is already a body positive movement?  

Ok, so what's going on here is- the original quote is from my fat positive account- Ok2BeFat- the Tumblr version.  So that's me, and all the fuckshittery underneath is other people.

It's just an example of something that is incredibly common- the idea that it's ok to love your body or be body positive, but not if you're 'too fat'.  Then you definitely should not love yourself.

Also, the mainstream body positive 'movement' isn't political at all. It's a bunch of 'you go girl' platitude bullshit that addresses none of the underlying causes of why so many people (especially women) are having such terrible issues with their bodies in the first place.

Body positive isn't intersectional.  Body positive doesn't seem to care about racism or poverty or trans rights or anything else. Body positive engages in huge amounts of fat hatred. 

Body positive is useless. Body positive is like telling women that if they just Lean In at their jobs, they might be the token cis white woman executive, without bothering to acknowledge the institutional discrimination inherent in such a system.

That's not good enough.  

I'm all for trying to help individual people feel better about themselves. That is one of the purposes of Ok2BeFat in the first place.

There are some notable exceptions to this.  Body positive people who are committed to including fat people, like Melissa Fabello of Everyday Feminism. But the majority of people who talk the body positive talk- they will tell me flat out that I have no business being positive about my fat body.  And continue to do so, over and over and over. 

But without an intersectional understanding of the real issues- without a commitment to dismantling the entire power structure that is actually causing the problems-- making individual people feel better is not going to change anything.

And I'll also just comment again on the extreme fat hatred by people with eating disorders, and how they can't conceive that a fat person could possibly have an eating disorder.  

When in actual reality, almost every fat women is probably going to suffer from some form of disordered eating- because what is ED for a thin person is what doctors prescribe for fat people.  Because families push eating disorders onto their fat children.

There is a sick lack of compassion from a lot of people who have suffered through eating disorders. I am very tired of it.  

I am tired of my eating disorder being completely erased because I'm fat, so it doesn't count. I am tired of my trauma and pain being erased and disregarded and treated like a joke.

Having an eating disorder doesn't mean you get a free pass to be an asshole (fuck you).

And I will repeat again- if you react to the idea that fat people should be treated like human beings- YOU are the one with a problem. If you hate and fear fat people, you haven't recovered from ED at all.