The airplane argument

I had some thoughts about the argument people love to make about fat people destroying them on airplanes.  I tweeted about it, but I wanted to save the thoughts before they disappeared down my timeline past Too Far To Scroll For.

So one of the most common "complaints" about fat people is that we take up too much space on airplanes, right?

First- The airlines keep making the seats smaller. If you feel like people are encroaching on your space more- it's because the seats keep getting smaller, not that my ass is that much bigger. The seats are reduced in width, which hurts fat women more, as we tend to have larger hips.

Second-- Economy plane travel is public transportation & should be viewed as such. I don't get a huge bubble of personal space on the train to work in Philly. People's expectations of space on the train and the bus are adjusted based on it being PUBLIC transportation.

If you only ever drive, you may not be used to the expectations of space on public transportation, so I invite you to readjust your expectations.

Third- Everyone fucking hates flying and everyone is annoying on a plane. But it's only the fat people who are targeted. I was on a flight where a child kicked the back of my seat for 3 hours. SOLID. It pissed me off really badly. There wasn't much I could do.

Crying babies aren't exactly the best on a flight. Are we talking about banning children from flying? No. Purchasing an economy plane ticket does not guarantee you the right to a fun and annoyance-free trip. If that's what you want, take the train or rent a fucking car.

Also, quit complaining so hard about the babies. There's no way to explain to them about what's happening and they cry. They're babies.

Get some earplugs and quit being such a jackass about everything. The world doesn't owe you an annoyance free life.