Heat Wave!

The 4th of July weekend. Happy day off, my American friends! (Those of you who do get the day.)

Happy totally normal random day of the year, everyone else!

We had a pretty busy 4th- saw a movie, visited friends.  It'll be a much shorter blog than usual this week.  But I did have a tip I wanted to share.

All last week, it's been a heat wave.  A disgusting, garbage water smell, heat smacking you in the face heat wave of gross nastiness.  It was in the 90s.  It sucked so bad.

And we don't have central air conditioning.  Normally, we don't need it in Philly.  We have a couple of window units and get along just fine.  Except for the few days of the year where it's a heat wave.  Then the window units can't cope.

And if I'm too hot, I can't sleep.  I just lay in my gross sweatiness, and I feel a combination of sadness and anger.  I'm sad that I can't sleep, since I am normally a champion sleeper. And I am mad and want to punch the weather.

So here's my tip. Go get 3 or 4 of those reusable ice packs. I got mine all at Rite-Aid, and they're blue. Not sure if they're always blue everywhere.  Normally, you would stick them into a lunch bag to keep it cool.  

Freeze them.

Stick the ice packs in pillowcases or wrap them in towels, and then stick them in the bed with you.  Next to your pillow. Down by your feet.

Surround yourself with ice packs.

It works for me! 

(Does this count as a life hack?)  

(I kind of hate the phrase 'life hack'.)