Fat Jokes- Take Two, the Trevor Noah Edition

Quick recap for those who haven't been following it- Trevor Noah is a comedian. He is going to take over the Daily Show when Jon Stewart leaves. 

Once that was announced, people went through his Twitter timeline and dig up shitty, offensive jokes he made. Jokes about Jewish people, violence against women, and fat women.

Let me address the fat jokes, b/c that's my jam.

I am anti-fat jokes. I feel like it's possible to make a funny fat joke, but I don't remember ever hearing one. Mostly it's just people saying- fat women are disgusting, and then everyone's supposed to laugh.

So, yeah fuck that guy.

BUT. Here is the thing-- I am EXTREMELY suspicious that the mainstream is suddenly concerned about the feelings of fat women. The mainstream only bothers to notice fat women to shred our feelings and to mock us and the idea that we could even be people with feelings.

Amy Poehler spent 7 years making nasty little fat jokes on Parks and Recreation, and no one outside of fat activism ever said anything. 

Your girl Tina Fey loves fat jokes. And even Saint Jon Stewart makes fat jokes. All the time. 

ON the Daily Show. He makes the jokes ON the Daily Show.

Just google any time he ever talks about Chris Christie. (There are so many reasons to mock Christie, why go for his weight? He's a grade A asshole. You don't have to go there.)

NO ONE ever gets in trouble for making fat girl jokes. Ever. EVER.

So why is Trevor Noah? 

What do you call it when it's ok for white people to do something, but not ok for black people... I feel like there's a word for that...

Oh yeah, it's racism. It's structural racism, y'all!  I figured it out. 

Please don't be confused. Seriously, fuck him for his lazy bullshit, so-called jokes about fat women.  But, like FUCK EVERYONE. 

If you don't care when Amy Poehler does it, but you do when Trevor Noah does-- why is that?