No such thing as "too fat"

Continuing the series about fat activism basics.

"It's ok to love yourself, but don't get too fat."

This is something I hear all the time from people who want to claim the suddenly trendy label of body positive, without challenging any of their underlying assumptions about fat people.

These people are still buying into dangerous and destructive ideas about health and fat people. 

This idea of body positivity is extremely weak sauce. It basically exists to tell women who are already considered socially acceptable, how acceptable they are.

It wants them to separate themselves from the deviant unhealth of fatties and to recognize that in their thinness- they are deemed worthy. 

The acceptable, slightly larger than the extremely thin norm we are usually presented with-- brought to you by corporate advertising, by Dove and Target and the not actually plus sized models of Lane Bryant-- this is the capitalist soundbite co-opting of an actually revolutionary idea.  

And that idea is that there is no "too fat". That we don't draw lines to say- past this line, past this weight- you are no longer a person. Past this line, we turn you into an other, and we treat you like an enemy. 

If there is a number you have in your mind- 300 pounds. 400 pounds. 800 pounds- throw it out. 

There are people who fall over that line, whatever you imagine it to be. And those people- they have thoughts and feelings. They have loved ones and dreams and they ARE PEOPLE. Just like YOU are. 

Fat bodies that fall over these arbitrary lines are treated as objects- objects for disgust and ridicule. That is not ok. These bodies are people, and you must stop stripping them of their humanity. 

I will accept no arguments as to health.

The health argument is a subject for another time, but I will say, thin people are not subject to pass muster as "healthy" to be allowed their humanity. 

There can be no lines in this way, because we can't allow people to be left out.

The biggest people are the most vulnerable to the worst kinds of fat hatred and discrimination. And I am not interested in any body positive or fat acceptance movement that leaves out the people who need it the most.  

If we make room for the largest, most super size fat people and make sure they aren't left out or erased, then the positive changes we make will include everyone.

That's what I want to happen.  I won't settle for anything less.