I kind of hate Christmas

This wasn't what I was planning on writing today.

But listen.  If you don't like Christmas-- that's not just you.

If you can't deal with the culture's screaming demands for HAPPY HAPPY HAPPINESS with your family WHO YOU LOVE GO LOVE THEM NOW-- that's not just you.

If it hurts your heart to see all the images of people's super HAPPY HAPPY families, cause your family doesn't respect your wishes or your mental health and so being forced to see the shrieking happiness of the cultural narrative around Christmas is painful-- that's not just you. (And no one is that happy anyway. It's all lies to make us feel bad and buy shit.)

If you can't muster the culturally required emotions around Christmas and family, and you resent people policing your damn emotions all the time-- that's not just you.

You aren't the only person who feels that way.

Christmas is a big shitty stress ball that exacerbates existing family issues, and I am not a fan.