Doctor Who

I have been wanting to write something about Doctor Who, but I have been at a loss for what to say.

It hasn't been bringing me the same level of joy since Amy and Rory left.  And let me just tell you-- if you want to induce sobbing in me, all you have to mention is, "Together or not at all."  I will die.

I have theories--

I have found Clara hard to connect to.  

I think there is more call backs to the classic series fans, which is nice for them, but I don't know that stuff.  So their squee is my confusion.  

I like the Moffat intricate timey-wimey plot twists, but I like emotional storytelling more and that has not been the focus of the Moffat stores, especially not the Clara ones.  (I did find the Amy/Rory stories emotional, but that seems to have been a byproduct, not the focus.)

I don't find the Clara/Doctor relationship engaging.

Did you know that Doctor Who has exactly zero women writing for it right now?

Do you know about the Bechdel test? A piece of fiction passes the Bechdel test if it has a least two women in it and they talk about something other than a man.

Do you remember when Doctor Who used to pass the Bechdel test?

Do you remember when the companions had families that they actually ever spoke to?  

Do you remember when there were companions who were older?  Who were not white? Who were clearly lower class? Who fell outside the very narrow standards of what constitutes 'hot' for a woman?  

Amy was a model on the show!  In canon!  Not to mention the first time we are introduced to her (as an adult) she is a Kiss-O-Gram, which is clearly a cleaned up for kid's TV version of a stripper.  I love Amy, but COME ON.

It feels like the show isn't being made for me anymore.  It's for someone else.  Which is alienating.  I know the classic Who fans felt that way during the Russell T Davies run, but guys.  You are guys!  You already have ALL the things!  

There was such scorn and anger at the fangirls invading their fandom, and the perceived Davies "gay agenda". (Gay agenda = gay and bi people exist and are represented like being queer is no big deal.) (I really loved that.)

 I guess Moffat is putting everything back to what some people think it should be, back in its straight white guy box.  And it is more upsetting than just some rando fantasy/sci-fi being for the dominant class only because it really didn't used to be that way.  

Seeing the Tenth Doctor for the 50th Anniversary gave me a sad, because I miss him.  I miss the Doctor Who that was more inclusive.

I know there were calls for the 12th Doctor to be a woman, but I think that would be a horrible idea as long as Steven Moffat is in charge.  He is too much of a bro, and I don't want to see the Doctor as a teenage girl paraded around in a bikini.



The good thing is, it's Doctor Who.  It'll change to something else eventually, and I might like that better.  And it's not like I'm going to stop watching it.  

While I'm waiting, I can't recommend Sleepy Hollow enough.  Holy crap, that show is insane and amazing!