But I have a boyfriend!

For anyone wondering why I didn't also mention in the last post that I wouldn't fuck that idiot because I already have a boyfriend--

I do have a boyfriend.  But I don't ever mention that to those dumbfucks, even when they keep insisting that NO ONE would ever ever want to have the sex with someone as gross and mouthy as me.

Because it doesn't matter.  They wouldn't believe me, even tho I have proof that I am sexy as hell and have not had a problem finding people to fuck.  That proof is my life.

But the main reason it doesn't matter the most is that if I choose to fight with stupid people on the internet, that doesn't have anything to do with Josh.  HE doesn't want to fight with those idiots, and he isn't my personal property to drag into Twitter fights to quash an argument with his existence.  

SEE!  I DO HAVE A BOYFRIEND = not a winning argument.

It's the same reason I hate using the boyfriend excuse to shut down guys who are trying to pick me up on the street/train/liquor store whatever.  I don't want to be picked up.  That should be enough.  I shouldn't have to explain regretfully that I actually belong to another man, like I'm turning down an art show b/c I'm double booked, so I don't hurt his feels.

I said no.  I said no nicely so STOP ASKING ME.  

Guys, do you know why girls use this excuse even if they don't have a boyfriend, why they give you fake phone numbers?  

Because if you don't, some guys will scream at you.  They will follow you for blocks, screaming at you, until you are scared that maybe this guy is the guy that's actually going to attack you on the fucking street.  

At the very least, they have some rude bullshit to say.

If a guy tried to pick me up and was totally cool and gracious when I said no, I might try to get his number to hook him up with my single friends, because it's THAT FUCKING RARE.