Not hot

To the person who found this website by googling "fat not hot feminist"--


I'm assuming here that you're some men's right's dbag who has a bug up your ass about feminism... because the likelihood that you were a fellow fat feminist is pretty vanishingly small (if you are = SOLIDARITY!) especially since you included the phrase "not hot" in your search.

You're probably from that men's rights/pick up artist idiot webpage that linked to this site a while back. (Hello!  I can see you.)

Dude, I'm about to blow your mind. For reals. 

I don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuck if you think I'm hot.  Not even one tiny bit.

I understand that you're afraid that my fellow feminists and I might get to all the girls and let them know that they are amazing and that THEY don't have to care about if all you idiot dudebros care if they are hot either.

And then who will you be able to manipulate/bully into touching your sad, insecure dudebro boner?

After all the women and girls aren't susceptible to your stupid pick up artist pressure techniques, then you might actually have to learn how to be a fucking HUMAN PERSON, because there aren't actually tricks to get women to sleep with you, you just have to be a decent, nice-smelling, halfway interesting human man who doesn't think the world owes him a supermodel on his dick even though he is clearly only average looking (as are we all)

And while you're trying to figure that out, we'll just go ahead and have the revolution with the guys whose brains haven't been completely poisoned by misogyny, and those guys will get ALL the fucking.  Because it will be fun to fuck those guys.

So enjoy your sadness boner!  And remember-- I don't give a shit what you think, men's rights assholes.  You just keep on deluding yourselves that men are really the oppressed ones.

Sure.  And blah blah... black history month hurts white people and what about all the straight people who can't get married now that the scary gays have some rights and don't forget the last time a trans person cat-called you...

Oh no wait.  None of that shit EVER happened.

So to summarize-- men's rights, pick-up artist, entitled douchebag dudebros--

Shut up.  I don't care what you think.  You are pathetic.  

Your hate brings me joy.

Kisses!  (Ha ha, I would never kiss you.)

-Fat and Proud, Feminist, Vegetarian, Socialist Woman.