Don't be a horrible person

Like a lot of people, I found the Zimmerman trial verdict upsetting.  For those two people who weren't paying attention-- a dude chased down a black teenager who wasn't doing anything wrong and killed him.  And got away with it.

Which is bullshit.  And it's upsetting.  But it's also been upsetting and cringe-making to see the White People reaction.  There are the out and out racists.  The people who are using the tragedy to flog their own pet causes.  And the white people who want to say oh, well this is a bad thing but it was Not Racist.

Don't do that. 

No seriously, don't. 

If you are white in America, your job is to shut up and listen to the minorities who want to speak about their experiences with racism.  Don't fucking contradict them.  How the fuck would you know what it's like to deal with racism?  You're white.   

No one wants to hear a white person talk about how they think a black person was mean to them this one time.  Don't do that.  Racism is not just individual people being mean to each other.  I'm not a scholar, so-- linkage.

Look, this is the important part-- if someone was mean to you, that sucks and I'm sorry.  But Trayvon Martin is DEAD.  And some people seem more concerned about if George Zimmerman being called a cracker is just as bad.  It's NOT, ok?  

Hurt feelings are not just as bad as generations of oppression.  That is a ridiculous thing to think.

Ok, so the stupid Twitter fight.   So this is me.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.18.29 AM.png

Now.  I think this is fairly mild.  My thought process was-- it is infuriating when some dude lectures me about sexism and denies rape culture.  So as a person who is in the dominant racial category (White, duh) maybe I could tell my people that it's not cool to lecture a minority about their oppression.  I mean, I have about 300 followers, so it's going nowhere, but it seemed like a good thing to try to put out there.  It got a couple of retweets and favorites.  I'm living my life and feeling ok about it.

 But then this crazy person comes at me with-- white people are more discriminated against than black people. 

Which is fucking stupid.  I was on a break at work, and I didn't have the time or inclination to explain to this idiot the difference between his hurt fee-fees and a dead child, so I called him a white supremacist, cursed him out and figured the problem was solved. 

And then he came at me about my "language".  Jesus Christ.  Like, I'm the one who is the problem now, because I said the word "fuck", not his racist, ignorant statement.

Whatever.  I cursed him out again and blocked him.  But for fuck's sake.  I am fucking tired of people who get called out on doing something racist or even just racially insensitive and act like being called out is just as bad as doing something racist.  IT FUCKING ISN'T.  Stop being such an awful turd!

My sweary language isn't as bad as your racism.  I don't care about swearing. (Obvs.)  Any time I hear some White Straight Dude say-- oh, white men are the most oppressed people now, I want to scream.  

It must be so hard for you, HAVING ALL THE RIGHTS.