Sometimes, I get on an organizing kick.  We just bought a new filing cabinet from Ikea, which Josh put together.  Without any help from me, because sometimes I'm awful, and I hate putting Ikea stuff together.  I love that they have affordable stuff that has a design emphasis, and a LOT of the stuff in our house is Ikea.  But putting it together is a horrifying process for me.  I hate it SO BAD. 

We also got a new rug for the dining room/office.  I had originally bought one that was mostly white.  I did this knowing I had multiple cats, one that's long-haired.  It was always, always covered in cat fur.    

I don't know what I was thinking-- that I liked the rug enough to magically become a new person who vacuumed all the time?  

Yeah.  That did not happen.  I would just stare at the furry grossness and feel bad that I knew I wasn't going to do anything about it any time soon.

So we put that one in my studio where the cats mostly aren't allowed and replaced it with a grey one that doesn't show the fur too much.

You have to lean into the kind of person you know you are.  I'm going to be 35 in two weeks.  I'm not going to magically change into someone more virtuous about cleaning.  And anyway, I have other stuff to do than deal with the stupid floors.  

I am also trying a to-do list app for my Mac, because the paper to-do lists have gotten out of control.  I have reached the point with the back-end stuff I'm doing to run my art stuff/career/business that it's too much stuff to deal with on a paper list.

I have like 6 pieces of paper with various stuff scribbled on it , and I can't figure out what's what anymore.  So I'm going to try going digital.  I'm setting reminders on my iCalendar too, so hopefully that will help.

I have had people complement me before for being "so organized", but that's just because I know I have to write every goddamn thing down.  If I don't, I'll see a shiny thing and all my plans and to-dos will fall out of my brain onto the floor.  And I'll end up wandering around the house uselessly, wondering why I entered a room.

Is this interesting?  I don't know.  I'm excited about a filing cabinet, people.  OH THE   GLAMOUROUS LIFE OF AN ARTIST.

Don't worry-- I had a weirdo Twitter fight with a rando this week, so I'll write about that too.  And here is a cat photo. 


Hello, I am Foxy.  I shed on rugs and everywhere really.  I do not like being brushed.

Hello, I am Foxy.  I shed on rugs and everywhere really.  I do not like being brushed.