Hello internet people!

Hello!  I am speaking to you on Saturday, when I normally update on Fridays.

See, here's the thing.  I have this problem where I chronically and disastrously underestimate how long it's going to take me to do things.

The prime example this weekend- Save the Date cards.  So wedding, blah blah... I've got these cards I have to send out. 

Even though I am basically sending out cards to pretty much everyone we know, and stamping them with cutesy stamps (b/c suuure... why wouldn't you do that?)- I thought to myself- Self, I know we're pretty destroyed with this DOOM COLD, but I'm pretty sure we can address and send out a cards to everyone we know in say... an hour!

And then I high five myself!

Roughly halfway thorough the list, and I am pretty convinced that I will never finish.  Basically, it destroyed my entire Friday, and Trick or Treating took care of the rest.

Every year, I think- I am going to nail the amount of candy I need to buy this year.  And every year, it's a nope. This year, I way over bought. We got almost no kids, which is a first for me.

Then Josh and I tried to put up new hooks and because the walls are plaster, ended up drilling a billion holes into the walls and then I decided to have a huge vodka drink b/c trying to make the whole hook situation work killed all my calm.

That's my weekend so far. I wanted to do this whole photo heavy post about clothes, but sometimes you have to know when to give up.