Doctors hate fat people

So.  I had this entire post written out about the horrible HORRIBLE fat shaming 'article' by a doctor that was in the Washington Post.  

And Squarespace ate it.  Apparently, you can click and drag entire blog posts into the trash, which the website will happily save for you automatically, which makes the entire thing impossible to recover.


I was maybe 3 sentences from being done with that post.  Two hour's worth of work, just wasted. *cries in frustration*

So here are the things I wanted to say- in a much more condensed nutshell.

1- Go read this piece at Shakesville for a complete take down of this nonsense, hateful article.

2- Fat hatred is so rampant and accepted that this doctor feels completely comfortable using his real name to 'admit' he was an unprofessional jackass that hates fat people.

3- Fat people are people. Not fucking object lessons.

4- I'm not surprised this patient died, if all his doctors treated him this way.

5- Fat acceptance isn't just about clothes. Fat hatred kills people.

6- Shit like this is why I hate and fear doctors.