Knights of Badassdom review

You've probably seen the Knights of Badassdom trailer.  Maybe you wondered- hey. Whatever happened to that movie with Tyrion from Game of Thrones in it and that guy from True Blood?

Well, it's out now, for streaming rental.  And maybe you're wondering, should I see this movie?

I'm gonna say, no.  Don't see it.  If you liked the trailer, don't see it.  It's not anything like the trailer.

I thought it was going to be this light send-up of LARP (live action role play) comedy thing.  It wasn't.  Look, I'm not a LARPer-- the theatrics of LARP don't appeal to me.  I'm not that social, and I don't enjoy the performance aspects .  The parts of role-playing that appeal to me are the more strategic fighting parts (like which spells to use in what order in a Final Fantasy game) and the parts of Assassin's Creed where you upgrade your ship.  I really like upgrading things!

So I don't come to you as a LARP expert.  But I have known people who are into it, and I'm here to tell you, Knights of Badassdom doesn't know SHIT about the LARP.  It's got role-playing confused with SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).  There was no dice, no rock-paper-scissors-- no way to determine if your spell worked or if you actually landed a hit.

Peter Dinklage dies way too early.  The movie isn't really very funny.  It's more of a half-assed horror movie.  And there are lots of places where the continuity just doesn't make any sense.

Firefly River and True Blood guy start walking in the middle of the day to a parking lot that couldn't  be more than 500 yards away, but they are still walking into the middle of the night.  A book that the movie said couldn't be destroyed by anything (ANYTHING! EVAR!) is set on fire. (No one tried burning it ever?)  Lots of stuff like that.

But the biggest problem is that it's got a load of contempt and attitude for the people this movie is supposedly about.  Who is this movie supposed to actually be for? Really.  Who is the audience for this? It mocks the subculture (and not in a jokey way), but those are the people who would actually be most likely to see this movie.  This movie is making exactly no one happy.

If you want to see this, my advice is to wait until it's streaming for free and bring very low expectations.