Another group of thoughts I wanted to save from Twitter before it disappeared. 

Who finds the snark and put downs over selfies surprising? Not me. Oppressors want to control the act of image making to make their control easier.

Thank god for smart phones and selfies and Tumblr and outfit of the day posts. It is KEY for marginalized people to see each other.

Who is going to show us a real picture of ourselves? The capitalist, cis hetero white thin-worshipping male media? I don't think so.

Being able to see other fat women has liberated me. Seeing other groups of people has made me aware of struggles I didn't know about before.

Media portrayals of marginalized people are designed to continue to oppress them. Or there are no images, and those people are erased completely.

People have actually said to me that there didn't used to be fat people. I mean, come the fuck on. YES, THERE WERE. But, that is how erasure happens.

How much less easy would it be to call fat people an "epidemic" if we had easy access to photos of fat people from earlier times?

So. In conclusion- SELFIES FOREVER.

Take all the selfies. You deserve to exist! Steal back the image of what humanity looks like from the people who would erase everyone they don't approve of.