It's been a hell of a week. Twitter, which is a medium I really love, crossed over a line this week to being really violating and invasive. Well. Mostly, only a couple of people did, but still. I needed a break.

I decided I would talk only about clothes until I felt better.  And you know, it felt really nice.

Trolls are not going to sit through hours of talk about peplums and stirrup pants.

And in other news, y'all... I'VE SEEN STIRRUP PANTS IN THE WILD.  They're coming back!!

I can't even fully express my joy.  Do you think the huuuge shirts with the weird elastic ruffle at the bottom will be back? What about the neon plastic buckles that we would jam one side of a long t-shirt through and the sort of half-assedly attempt to arrange the resulting wrinkly mess?

Can I get a shirt with some neon pink puffy paint lightening bolts on it??

Hang on... fuck this blog post. I'm going to Michaels to get some puffy paint.


This preceding was a joke. Unless it isn't, because the more I consider this plan, the better it sounds to me. LOOK. I need something to wear with my stirrup pants.

And I am NOT even kidding about the stirrup pants.  The instant stirrup pants appear in my size (that don't look like ASS- yes I can see you, Jessica London)- I will buy like 5 pairs.

So let's talk fatshion.  The reason I want to is not just to give myself a mental break, although that is part of it- but it's also because killer clothes for fat women are not broadly available. 

I rely on shopping almost exclusively online, and most of the stores I buy from are places I learned about from other fat women online.  So I'm going to make a list for y'all, to pass along the good word.

One of my favorite stores is Domino Dollhouse.  Their latest line is called Pagan Poetry and is a love letter to the movie The Craft, where all the pieces are named after my favorite songs by The Smiths, The Cure, and Echo and the Bunnymen.  So, it's basically like someone went inside my gothy, occulty obsessed brain and made clothes exactly just for me.

There is a shirt that says "We are the weirdos, mister." Excuse me. I am laying on the floor and dying with misfit teen happiness.  I promise you- almost every time someone stops me to ask me about my outfit- it's from Domino Dollhouse.  Sizes generally up to a US 4X. I believe I've seen a 5X here or there as well.  

LucieLu- Up to a US 5X- always check measurements, but a lot of their clothes are stretch and they mention in their listings which ones do stretch, so that can give you some leeway.  

I have a set of T-shirts from Lucie that look amazing with jeans. They're made to fit my fat body in such a way that it really looks good- not too big or too tight. Shapely.  I haven't bought much from them in the past year, because I wasn't into their last collection, but I did just buy this polka dot dress. It's got a good juxtaposition of kind sporty top, but then the dots are small and ladylike with a nice fullness in the skirt portion.

Also, their clothes are incredibly well made. I have clothes from them that are 5 years old that have held up to pretty regular washing and wearing.  

If you need some femme-y lady blouses for work- this is the place.

Do you want to be the quirky girl- like do you remember Pushing Daisies? The female lead, Chuck, dressed like she fell out of a Tim Burton-y dream of the 50s/60s and hit all the quirk branches on the quirk tree on her way down. And I was SO FUCKING JEALOUS of her, because I wanted every single thing she owned.

Well. If you like quirky things- Modcloth is now selling plus sizes up to a 4X. Make sure you check the reviews and the sizing very carefully, as the dresses are all from different designers and may not be sizing consistent. I got an oversize sweater from them that I really love.

Eshakti specializes in Mad Men 60s style cotton dresses. I have 2 dresses from them, and they are pretty cool. Be warned, most of the dresses have zero stretch. It looks like they are starting to include some cotton spandex mixes, but be careful.  What you should really do is pay the extra $7 and have them tailor the dress to your exact body. I had one of the dresses do that and it fits like AMAZING. Goes up to a 6X.

Simply Be and Asos Curve are both pretty up on current trends, which is great b/c Lane Bryant fucking SUCKS at that. 90s floral throwback is the thing this year, and you can get that at both these stores.

Basic black leggings are pretty easy to come by now, but I get mine from Wal-Mart.com

If anyone feels the need to give me a progressive lecture about how bad Wal-Mart is, please don't do that. For a lot of plus size people, Wal-Mart is their only option. And being as I am not made of money, and I need a pair of leggings for everything I wear- I can't afford to give Torrid $30 for each pair, ok?  

Re/Dress is THE place for teggings. Don't know what teggings are? They are magical. 

Re/Dress has a line right now that is based on the movie Hairspray. They have Tracy's roach dress!!! I want that dress so fucking bad, but I can't imagine where I would wear it, and it's too much for me to buy just for fun.  

Re/Dress rotates their stock a lot, so it you don't like what they have right now, just check back next month. They had fleece tights this winter, which is the only way I survived the polar vortex.  

They also try to keep a stock of masculine/butch styles, which is not an easy thing to find in plus.  They stock vintage and they have a great return policy.

Ok!  Now let's talk about vintage.  Specifically vintage on Etsy. All I can say here is to really know your measurements, size up a couple of inches at least to allow for bad measuring on the part of the seller, and expect to get some clunkers. Don't spend too much on any item, b/c they usually aren't returnable.

I find paging through the hundreds of returns for the search "plus size dress" weirdly soothing, so I'm usually able to find a few things.

The Curvy Elle is the closest thing you can get to a sure thing in vintage plus.  Good measurements and fat bodies in the clothes. I have several things from here. If I say I'm wearing thrift, it's a good chance this is where I got it.

I just discovered Sabrosa Vintage this week, and it looks great. I haven't bought anything from there yet, but I suspect I will.  Again- all the things I look for in vintage plus- fat bodies in the clothes and clear measurements.  They don't have the plus size in the different category, but they have the same model in them, and I just look for her lovely face.

I like that FatFancy has a couple of dresses that go up quite larger than I'm used to seeing in vintage, like this one. Red w/ small polka dots in a 62"-70" bust. 

Check the measurements- but I've bought muumuus from Sustainable Wearable that I really loved.

In non vintage etsy- 

I bought this maxi dress from MyUniverse to wear to a wedding and it fits like they said it would. It's beautiful. Maybe a good option for prom or something else fancy.

I'm always checking back into Platipuses to see if she's made more punk flavored awesomeness. I kind of want to say that if one of you buys that white skull dress, I will cut you-- but I am probably not going to buy it because I am afraid to wear white. I spill things.

This sweater from KMK Designs kind of makes me want to die. I WILL order one of these for next winter.

(Edited to remove the recommendation for printed tights. They rolled down and then ripped when I tried to wear them.)

I can't leave out Hissy Fit even thought her pre-made clothes have a hip to bust ratio that doesn't work for me. One day, I plan to commission a dress from her, because her design and fabric choices are so perfect.

That's all I can think of (or have bookmarked).  Do you have anything for ME? Leave me comments. I love finding new stores.