Fat and family

I think it's really important for us to be able to talk about painful issues. I think one of the worst things about dealing with abusive behavior, is how it can make people feel isolated and alone.

For me, fat acceptance is largely an online community.  I think it's that way for most of us. So we talk and share online with each other.  Online is how we find each other.

I can't even tell you how much this community means to me.  It had given me a life I never thought I could have.  

But sometimes- there are things we can't talk about.  Because this is the internet, and the internet is searchable.  

As I recently found out- you can't always depend on prior indifference to protect you.  For example, your parent who has never shown an interest in what you're doing may decide to look into your blog (Thanks, Facebook!) and that could potentially blow up pretty badly.  FOR EXAMPLE. 

A lot of fat people have to take a lot of shit from their families.  Not everyone feels comfortable putting it out there, but I thought it was possible that people might want to talk about it.  But maybe they were worried about people they know reading it.

So I thought I'd invite people to send me their stories, and I would publish them here.

I can keep you completely anonymous or credit you however you like.  All the comments on this website are moderated, and I won't publish shitty troll comments.

What do you think? Contact me with your story.  (Or if you just want to chat.)