Happiness writes white

Hey, there!  Do you know about Harvey Danger and Sean Nelson?  Look, I know we all remember the song Flagpole Sitta from the 90s, but the rest of their music is not very much like that.  It's REALLY REALLY good.

I'm really drawn to vocals and lyrics, and I find these lyrics really beautiful and compelling.

These are songs that especially speak to me right now.  

So.  I've made you a mixtape.

"Your smile, it was disarming. 'Cause nothing is more charming than a narcissist with whom you've just agreed."

"You can bash your head against a wall for years. The wall is not impressed."

You can bash your head against a wall forever, The wall will never change. But if you start to like the bloody bruises, The wall cannot be blamed."

"Progress shall be defined by your position on the bridge as it burns."

"When I consider what you put up with I'm amazed you still have skin."

"I've been in the tall grass all my life until you came along; now there's one less thing wrong. Even though happiness writes white."