But what about the thin people?

I swear to god.  I can't talk about fat shaming or fat politics anywhere without someone popping up to self-righteously intone that "Wahh, all shaming is bad and why do you hate thin people?? And people say mean stuff to me too, and wahhh everyone is mean, especially you."

Man.  Fuck this conversation.

I am not having this conversation online with anyone. Ever again.

I promise you.  I am writing this about it, because it's happened AGAIN for the umpteenth time, and I am really tired of it.

I can't even talk to the people I want to talk to, or talk about the topics I want to talk about, without someone slam crashing into my conversation to derail the whole thing and make it about them.  

kool aid.jpg

If this so-called body positive movement gave a damn about fat people, we wouldn't need fat activism. But it doesn't.  It only cares about including people who are already considered acceptable in the first place.

And that's not enough. 

There are people who think there should be a White History Month and a Men's History Month, because- hey there's a Black History Month and one for women too.  And hey, it would just be fair.

Most progressive, liberal people get why that's not ok or reasonable.  But they still want to argue with me about how all shaming is bad.

A system of oppression where the government DECLARES WAR on one group of people (the War on Obesity) and everyone seems to think that's fine and dandy-- that's why thin/skinny shaming isn't a thing. 

You show me a War on Thinness that the government declares. GO ON, I'LL WAIT.

Because if you're thin and you feel bad about yourself- you could (through a long process) feel better about yourself one day. And then your problem would be solved.

If I, as a fat person, dare to feel good about MY body-- the cultural pressure is only increased. Because the problem is not how I personally feel.  It is a cultural problem, and it doesn't go away based on what I, as one person, do.

And I am sick to death of people coming at me with all kind of pompous, hippie bullshit- "Hey, man. Everyone feels bad sometimes you know.  And all kinds of feeling bad are equal. And I refuse to understand what systematic oppression means b/c that might make me have bad feels, and I am against bad feels for everyone! Especially ME!"

"And I have to center every conversation around ME and how it makes ME feel, even when people are repeatedly asking me not to! Now I have to go fart rainbows of cluelessness on someone else who is trying to describe the crushing weight of oppression they have to deal with every day!"

I am DONE with this.

This is an automatic block issue for me. Mention skinny shaming to me = get blocked out of my online life.