Medical discrimination against fat people- again

The blinders that doctors put on when they deal with the idea of fatness is completely jaw dropping. 

Example eleventy billion is this garbage- "Woman becomes obese after fecal transplant from overweight donor".

Everyone knows we can't take anything reported by the media when it comes to fat people at face value.  So let's dig in.

First of all, this woman who gained weight, the patient- she had C diff.

What is C diff?

It's a no fucking joke, kill you dead-ass dead, infection of the intestines. 

"C. diff can lead to severe diarrhea. It can also rupture colons, cause kidney failure, blood poisoning and death. 

According to the Centers for Disease control it kills more than 14,000 Americans a year. But a recent investigation by USA Today, found the number is twice has high. The bacteria is actually linked in hospital records to more than 30,000 deaths a year."

What are the symptoms of C diff?

Mild to moderate nausea, loss of appetite, severe abdominal pain and intestinal cramping, and weight loss.

I'll repeat that for those of us who aren't medical professionals-- 


Ok, let's keep going. 

The patient had recurrent C diff which was not responding to antibiotics. She got a fecal transplant from her daughter.

"At the time, the woman was a healthy 136 pounds with a normal BMI of 26. Her daughter weighed 140 pounds at the time, with a BMI of 26.6, but became overweight shortly afterward. Following the therapy, the woman’s symptoms vanished and she no longer experienced recurrent infections."

Ok, first of all, even if you accept the fascist BMI bullshittery system we have in place now (which I do not)- a 26 BMI is not considered normal weight. A normal weight BMI, by today's standards is 19-24.999.  Anything over a 25 is overweight.

So. We're already making up bullshit science based on nothing. But do please go on. 

"Sixteen months later, however, the woman reported unintentional weight gain of 34 pounds and met the criteria for obesity. Two and a half years after the transplant, the woman weighed 177 pounds with a BMI of 34.5, despite a medically supervised liquid protein diet and exercise program."

Ok. So here's the thing. This woman was never a healthy 136 pounds. She was an "I have a deadly disease that makes it impossible for me to eat or digest food" 136 pounds. 

You cured her C diff, and she gained weight. That is a GOOD THING. She could have died and she didn't. 

This is a problem HOW? 

And now this woman is on a liquid protein diet, which I'm sure will end well and won't cause her any problems at all like suddenly dropping dead.

Anything that makes you fatter must be bad, even if cures your deadly intestinal infection.

Great job, medical profession!  I really feel like I can trust your judgment.  

Who wants to bet that someone is going to propose infecting fat people with C diff to get their weight down? 

Better a dead thin person than an alive fat one.  

And that diet industry money is so so sweet.