Cool clothes for the Super Sized.

The state of plus size fatshion is not ideal, not at all.

But if you are over a size US 4X- good luck finding anything cool.  Most stores size out at a 3 or 4X.

BOO!  Dislike!  Stopping at a 3X is not inclusive!  

I wanted to share with y'all a few stores I have found that have a better range of expanded sizes in clothes that are not the same old thing super size people are used to seeing.

These are "women's" clothes, since that's how I like to dress.  I don't have any knowledge of "men's" super size clothes, but if y'all are interested, I can ask around and see what I can find for you.

Chubby Cartwheels- I have some leggings from here and they are awesome. Goes up to a 5X, but she does custom sizing.

Size Queen Clothing- Up to a size 8X and custom sizing is available!

Big Gals Lingerie - Clubwear up to a size 12X. 

eShakti- Up to a size 6X and they will do a custom size for you for only $7.50 more and it is so worth it! I had it done once and it was perfection!

Designer Curves- Up to a 12X. I saw some dresses I liked and I thought the variety was pretty good. 

Curvalicious Clothes- Up to a 6X. Although I could really do without the explosion of handkerchief hems which are a blight upon the plus size land at this point- I saw some cuteness. 

I hope this helps those of y'all who want something more trendy and cool. I know that for me, being able to dress how I want, and present myself the way I want/need to is like having a constant irritation removed from my life.  I hope you find something that makes you feel awesome!

Please leave links and suggestions in the comments, if you want!