Why I don't answer these kind of questions

This is coming over from ok2befat.com (Tumblr).  The following question came in-

Rather than answer the question, I thought it might be helpful to explain why I don't usually answer these types of questions. 

I get stuff like this a lot, and I’m going to explain why I pretty much never answer them, b/c I think some of y’all might find it interesting and helpful.

First of all, I know this isn’t a serious question b/c the OP’s blog contains a lot of hateful nonsense about “SJWs” and reverse racism against white people (which is not a thing) as well as anti-fat acceptance reblogs.

Additionally, the person asking the question uses the term “obesity”, which I do not use, as it is not a preferred term.

“Obesity” is a medical term that refers to a body size as a disease. I don’t accept the underlying premise that being larger is a disease, so I refer to myself as fat instead.

It’s nearly impossible to tell who is being sincere when asking questions sometimes, but in this case, pretty easy to tell.

This kind of stuff is just a time-waster. And it’s pretty repetitive also, b/c fatphobia- like many other types of marginalization and stigma- is filled with people who reuse the same old tired tropes and (so-called) arguments. 

So I can reliably predict what would happen if I would post in links to the many blog posts that aggregate and explain the various scientific studies regarding fatness as a non-harmful or beneficial state.

I predict denial and moving goal posts and nitpicking and other forms of time wasting, probably with some name calling thrown in for good measure.

The whole point of this is to waste time. B/c this person wrote this question on Tumblr, which means they have access to the internet, which means they have the ability to type “Fat acceptance 101” into google and then read the aggregate blog posts themselves.  

The point is to send me off on a wild goose chase to provide links that they won’t read.

Keep in mind that fatphobes make claims all the time without any proof. Stuff like- “There are no old fat people” or “There weren’t any fat people 50 years ago” or “Fatness costs more than war” or all sorts of things that they don’t feel a need to prove. (And are pretty easy to disprove.)

So why should I have to provide proof for the idea that fat people are human beings who deserve the same respect as all other human beings? 

I am not going to do that.  

I reject the framing where I have to provide anyone proof that I have a right to live.